陈老师: 您好! 我今天收到了雅思成绩,我四部分的成绩全是6分,我感觉发挥的一般,因为考试当天我头疼得厉害,而且在写作时间的安排上也是最不好的一次。我的第一篇作文用了25分钟,第二篇作文用了30分钟,因为觉得不舒服,我跟考官打招呼想提前交卷,考官让再坚持几分钟,只好坚持到最后了。 另外,我还有一个建议给以后考雅思的...



Song guoxiang

Dear Mr Chen, I am writing to thank you and your IELTS trainning team for your great help in improving my English proficiency. I am one of he students of your IELTS trainning program (from 10th May to 14th June) . I sat the IELTS test on 12th June and obtained 7.5 score (Listening 9, Reading 7.5, Writing 7, Speaking 6 ). Your excellent program has helped me a lot in my test, and my score increases by one band which makes me be qualified for a Master program in a world famous university. Thank yo

yu jian

尊敬的陈老师: 您好! 本周我就要结束在您这里的培训了, 我从您这个培训班里得到的知识,经验及资源要远远超出我当初的预期,我也非常庆幸没有去什么XDF HUANQIU之类的地方。 这里的老师有的经验丰富,发音地道,有的教学热情, 诲人不倦。而给我印象最深的是您把您十多年的写作教学经验,精心整理,娓娓道来,无论是语法,拼写的订正,还是篇篇范文...


Hi, Prof Chen: How are you? You might forget who I am, the pulmonary physician in your class last summer. Three weeks ago, as a Chevening scholar I arrived in London. Now I am receiving my clinical/research training in Royal Brompton Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in respiratory medicine in the world. The reason I write to you is to share some experience with you about IELTS which might be useful. You know that I did not get four above-7 band scores the first time as requested. At that p


Dear Mr. Chen, I am one of your students in IELTS training course, the weekend class from Nov.9 to Dec.1. I have just finished the whole training course and I am going to attend the test on Dec.7. I am writing to say a thank you to all the teachers in this course. I feel I have got rapid progress after this course because of your conscientious work. I am still not able to say I will get the best score in the coming exam, but I do want to say I feel more confident now. Although the intensive trai

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